Learn About Fluid Engineering

TM Industrial Supply, Inc was established in 1976. It's original focus was as a manufacturer of separators, receivers, pulsation dampening bottles, and knockout pots for the air and gas markets.
In 1986, the Fluid Engineering division of TM Industrial Supply, Inc. was established to design and manufacture specialized strainers used in the power generation, utility, wastewater, and water treatment markets. It's products include automatic self-cleaning strainers, simplex strainers, duplex strainers, and Y strainers.
In 1996 the Envirovision Modular Systems (EMS) division of TM Industrial Supply, Inc. was created to focus on water purification. It's products include cascading strainers, bag filters, sand filtration systems, and ozone disinfection packages. These products are still available today through the Fluid Engineering division.
In 2009, the TM Filtration division of TM Industrial Supply, Inc. was established with a focus on TM’s newly patented GFC cleanable coalescing technology in the compressed air and compressed gas filtration markets.

Fluid Engineering is a division of TM industrial Supply, Inc. Fluid Engineering’s manufacturing facility and headquarters is located in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Since 1986, our mission remains unchanged – To provide our customers with rugged, well-designed equipment that outperforms the competition, even in the most demanding applications.  Headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, our Management, Sales, Engineering, and Production Teams are all located at the same facility.  We are proud to say that our products are made in the USA!

Filtering and straining is a universal technology that crosses over into many different markets.  With thousands of strainer installations around the world, Fluid Engineering has been involved in some ground-breaking projects involving a myriad of applications.  This has helped us to learn and grow as we develop ways for customers to tackle new challenges.  We look forward to helping you!

Company Mission Statement

TM Industrial Supply, Inc.’s corporate mission is to proactively serve and delight our customers by improving the cost effectiveness and quality of our products and services by building a team of people who will develop and maintain a quality and service-oriented attitude that will lead the industry and create a sustainable competitive advantage for TM Industrial Supply, Inc.