530 – 531 Duplex Basket Strainers

  • Uninterrupted Process Flow
  • Can Be Operated Under Vacuum Conditions

The Fluid Engineering series 530/531 duplex strainers are custom-designed strainer systems that utilize Fluid Engineering’s 105/107/108 cast basket strainers with custom manifolds and industrial valves. This style duplex has a larger footprint but is cost-competitive and very robust. These duplex strainers are ideal for applications where the flow cannot be interrupted to remove a basket for cleaning. Continuous flow is maintained by utilizing two separate basket chambers with valves to direct the flow from one housing to the other. The valves in the 530/531 duplex are not integral, making valve maintenance and replacement a snap.

The strainer housing and valve materials are available in a myriad of materials and configurations to meet the requirements of various applications. Download the 530/531 Duplex Catalog or contact the Fluid Engineering Sales Team to learn more about selecting the right duplex strainer for your application.